Big lake fishing is heating up

06Apr 2019

It’s that time!! Big lake fishing is heating up. Coho are taking off,  some Kings are starting to be caught also. Lake Trout fishing has been good.

Monday April 15th in Ludington 1:00pm the net pens are going in the water in the Big Sable. Always need help! The netting has to be strung on the frame work, crane will be there to lift the pens into the water. Coho are scheduled to be delivered April 23rd. Participating in this sport takes a huge amount of prep work from egg collection to release by the mdnr, angling groups and organizations so if you can find time to help it is needed. Special thanks to Shawn Pimorski and George Freeman for their efforts in the Ludington pen program. Lake Huron is scheduled to get coho April 22nd in Sanilac, Thunder Bay on April 26th. The spring steelhead fishing has been fair this year. Spoke to Randy Claramunt Lake Huron Basin Coordinator yesterday about this situation and any theories as to why runs appear to be weaker. The fin clipping and CWT (coded wire tags) program should help find answers to the steelhead survival, natural reproduction numbers. The mdnr is looking for answers to this years return numbers.

1) has there been higher mortality thru natural causes or predation after stocking?
2) is water temp of at least 45 degrees important criteria at release time
3) size at release
4) strains?
5) release locations–upstream, near the lake?


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