Cohos in Lake Huron

Speaking with the Lake Huron Basin Coordinator Randy Claramunt last night, he said that before the shut down limit catches of coho were starting to be caught in southern Huron. This is not a widely known fishing opportunity because last year was the first time Coho were planted in Huron in almost 40yrs but the GLSI “warned” anglers of the opportunity.

Let’s recall why the fishing opportunity exists. Due to L. Michigan having to reduce predators to stay within the predator cap, there were extra coho in the system available. The GLSI recognized an opportunity to move these fish to Huron and try and rebuild the salmon fishery in Huron. This was done by using Chinook equivalencies—reducing up to 30,000 Chinook in order to plant 100,000 Coho. Then the coho were planted in 2 ports in central and southern ports.

The Lake Huron Salmon and Trout Sub-committee spent quite a bit of time and effort discussing planting locations and presenting to the L. Huron Citizens Advisors and should be thanked for their efforts on the Coho plan.

Due to the spring Steelhead egg take not taking place this year, L. Huron will not be getting plants either. How can we temporarily adjust for this? Speaking with Randy, the GLSI suggested using Chinook equivalents to make up for the loss in production.  Our suggestion was also to plant outside of current planting locations in decreed waters; Cheboygan, Nunns Creek, Swan River and again ports in Central or Southern basin ports. This would be a terrific opportunity to do a case study on survivability, growth rates, returns, economic impact, fishing opportunities, stomach contents, intra-lake movement among others. The GLSI also had discussions with Jay Wesley to make up the loss of Steelhead plants using equivalencies on L. Michigan.

These are just a couple of reasons why you should choose to join the GLSI. A group that is looking out for your fishing opportunities, manufacturers and coastal community economic impact. We are also working with the MDNR to retain their/our management rights of the Great Lakes.

From a Lake Huron Angler:
Great work!  Keep the coho coming to Lake Huron!  We really appreciate the efforts and the new fishing opportunities.  The fish were running big this year too.  Hope to get back out there after the fishing shut down.

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